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Media Room

Our work at the MRSA Research Center has been highlighted in a number of publications and media reports.

Media Contact: Media representatives interested in interviews with MRSA Research Center staff, please contact Robert Daum, 773-702-6176 or


"Mercy, Mercy, MRSA." Science Life.

Blog post by John Easton
University of Chicago Medicine.  Pritzker School of Medicine.  July 19, 2012.


SUPERBUG: The Fatal Menace of MRSA

By Maryn McKenna
Free Press/Simon & Schuster March 2010
To order this book, visit


RESISTANCE (an antibiotic documentary)

Watch a promotional clip on a documentary about antibiotic resistance directed and produced by Michael Graziano, uji films, llc (5:08 minutes)

NBC Nightly News video

featuring Supermom Diana Goodpasture (2:15 minutes)

Fix Food – Fix Antibiotics – Meat Without Drugs

Watch A FixFood Video Directed and Produced by Robert Kenner (Director and Producer of Food, Inc.)


MRSA Menace

Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC)
Toronto, Canada

A report about a cluster of community-associated MRSA cases suddenly appearing in Calgary, Alberta, in 2004. This was a warning that a new superbug was spreading across Canada, following a pattern in the United States. Aired on the nightly news program, "The National," March 5, 2005

Eve Savory, Medical Reporter
Marijka Hurko, Producer

Controlling The Superbug

60 Minutes
Produced by Karen M. Sughrue
Leslie Stahl reports

Inside MRSA Staph Infection

CBS Early Show
Tracy Smith reports

MRSA - Die verschwiegene Seuche
("MRSA - The secret epidemic")

Broadcaster: French/German Channel ARTE
Producer: MedienKontor, Berlin
Producer: Matthias Heeder

Length: 60-70 minutes within a theme evening ("Crime Scene Hospital") of 180 minutes (FAQ session, approximately 10 minutes) April 20, 2010 8:15pm and April 30, 2010 10:05pm


Jennifer Spitz fights drugs in school lunches: Chat Room. Fox 32 News Chicago. April 23, 2013. (7:08 minutes)

The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Robert Daum appeared on The Dr. Oz Show focusing on MRSA, aired November 11, 2009. Link to this video clip will be made available once permission is secured to do so.


Allison Aubrey and Eliza Barclay

Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs Turn Up Again In Turkey Meat. National Public Radio (NPR).
May 1, 2013. (3:46 minutes)

Fresh Air with Terry Gross

"MRSA: The Drug-Resistant 'Superbug' That Won't Die"
March 23, 2010
National Public Radio (NPR)

Eight Forty Eight

"Drug-Resistant Superbug Spreads Outside Hospitals"
March 9, 2010
Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ 91.5 FM


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